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Cinco de Mayo Skincare Ingredients

Is Cinco de Mayo weekend!  And to celebrate… we indulge in tequila and mexican food!  If you are planning a gathering this weekend, don’t let all your extra party ingredients go to waste. After you’re done preparing guacamole and margaritas use your leftovers ingredients to make these beauty recipes. Original article here> Happy Cinco de […]

Enhance Your Natural Beauty From The Inside Out

Omega-3 and Omega 6 are essential fatty acids which can actually help improve your skin condition  with fewer wrinkles and more glow. In general, Essential Fatty Acids or EFA  helps maintain supple skin, lustrous hair, stronger nails, helps with dry eyes, headaches, asthma and even arthritis. Not to mention that research has demonstrated that omega-3 fatty […]

Filtered Water: Is It Really Healthier Than Tap?

Curious about the “right” water? Bottled and tap water come from essentially the same sources: lakes, springs and aquifers, but which one is the best option for your health? check on this article by Erika Stalder from Refinery29> and find out the real facts. Bottled or tap? Bubbly or still? With a growing and bewildering […]

Limit Your Intake of This to Prevent Wrinkles and Facial Aging

Common table sugar represents about 20 to 25 percent of the daily caloric intake of the average American. This translates into the equivalent of half a pound a day and over 5 tons in a lifetime. Wondering how sugar makes us age? Check on this great article by The Institute for Natural Healing> Want to […]

Spring Skincare: 10 Changes To Make To Your Beauty Routine Right Now

Dry, flaky and irritated skin after this winter? Cold temperatures may have damage the outermost protective layer of your skin, exposing facial skin to irritants and bacteria.  Don’t make the mistake of over scrubbing, over cleaning and over treating! Check on this great article by Huffpost Style> and learn how to give a fresh start […]

25 Tips To Stop Health and Beauty-Destroying Habits

Most of us have at least one bad habit.  Some bad habits are worse than others like smoking, which  can pose serious health risks.  If you know something’s bad for you, why can’t you just stop? The more you do it, the more difficult it is to get rid of it.  Check on this great […]

8 Tips for Gorgeous Skin WITHOUT Expensive Products!

Do you long for a naturally gorgeous skin? Here’s some ideas about what you can do to nurture and protect your skin so that it looks amazing. Another great article> from celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder. Ah, skin. And the things we do to our skin! Women (especially) are forever in search of the best fix […]

Groundbreaking Anti-Aging Ingredients Slide Show

Science has come a long way in helping combat the early signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. There are products on the market that do more than just temporarily hydrate skin cells, so when choosing anti-aging products, it’s important to know what active ingredients are really at hand. Check this New […]

Courteney Cox Fears Turning 50, Gets Multiple Anti-Aging Treatments

“US Weekly” article featuring Courtneney Cox and her beauty secrets!  The star has found alternative methods to reverse the signs of aging.  Check full article here> Courteney Cox hasn’t found the elusive fountain of youth, but she has found alternative methods for turning back the hands of time. The Cougar Town actress, 48, covers the […]