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10 Things Every Mascara Junkie Should Know

Original Article by Ashley Okwuosa You can never own enough mascara. It’s the finishing touch to the perfect masterpiece; our lashes. Without it, we feel practically naked. To really get the best out of your mascara, take a look at the tips below on how you should be using mascara — even if no one’s […]

Say Farewell To Summer 2015 and Skin Damage!

Fall Photofacial Offer: FULL-FACE Photofacial 50% OFF Hey, you! It’s not your fault. The one to blame for Age Spots you’re experiencing is the sun! If you made every effort to protect your skin from the damaging effects of sunshine in Summer 2015 but to no avail, have no fear! There are things you can […]

The Wonders of Modern Cosmetic Lasers

by Stephanie Schlageter If the word “Lasers” makes you think of scientists and light shows, it’s time to learn more about the amazing applications these optical amplification devices can also provide in the world of cosmetic medical skin care.  Lasers have long been used in medicine for a wide variety of applications.  Over the last […]

How to Get Clear Skin

 By Eliza Martinez Read Article Here > I love when my skin is clear and looking it’s best. On the other hand, when it’s not, I tend to spend a lot of time worrying about it. Turns out there’s a better way to use that time. Instead of freaking out, there are some easy #things […]

Weekend Beauty Hacks: 5 Alternate Uses for Eyeshadow

By Alle Connell  Read Original Article > We live for the weekends, and what better time than Sunday to relax, rejuvenate and get your beauty game on point? These are the best easy beauty hacks to help you look—and feel—your best in the week to come. If there’s one thing we love, it’s multi-tasking beauty products. […]

5 Simple Recipes for Glowing Skin at Home

By Taylor Post Read Original Article > The magical concoctions you’re purchasing at the store or receiving at the spa may seem like a skin secret, but the truth is there are some facial masks made with simple household ingredients that work wonders for your skin. If you want to save a buck or two and get creative […]

How to Take Care of Your Skin this Summer

The majority of us tweak our hair color and makeup according to the time of year. But, not all of us apply that same concept to our skin care, although we should. It’s important to make sure that your skin care routine matches up with the seasons because certain skin issues can become exacerbated as […]

Skin Secrets for Women Who Work Out

You hit the gym to be healthy and look hot, so it’s a bummer when you walk out with an embarrassingly bright-red face. Let’s not even discuss the backne, sports-bra-induced boob chafing, and hives. Or rather, let’s: “Internal factors such as allergies and skin type play a key role in how your skin responds to […]

Why Skin Ages and What to Do About It

Aging is a part of life. No matter how many products we slather on and no matter how many procedures we undergo, the aging process rolls on. But why does our skin have to show it? And how can we slow the roll? We spoke to Miami dermatologist Dr. Janice Lima-Maribona to get the answers.  Dr. […]

What You Need to Know Before Getting Injectables for the First Time

In the quest for smoother and younger-looking skin, getting cosmetic injections has become a very popular option. “Many people opt for this type of treatment because it’s quick, easy and effective,” says Edgewater, MD, dermatologist Sanjiv Saini, MD. If you’re looking to get injectables for the first time, here are five things to keep in mind […]