MMS – Magnetic Muscle Stimulation

Target muscle and take your body contouring to the next level.

What is MMS?

MMS, or Magnetic Muscle Stimulation, is the latest technology in body contouring. We have an effective treatment for excess fat with CoolSculpting, and now we are offering a treatment for the next layer of tissue – MUSCLE. MMS uses electromagnetic stimulation to target the muscle fiber to achieve concentrated muscle building in a very short period of time.

Before and After

MMS BeforeMMS After

What does MMS Treat?

Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) can treat the abs, thighs or buttocks (rectus abdominis, obliques, quadriceps, gluteals), with the results being a more toned and shapely physique.

MMS Body Contouring

You can target all these areas with MMS:

  • Abs
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks

Why Not Just Workout More?

Most of you will probably be thinking that this seems like cheating and why not just go to the gym? Here is why.

MMS treatments can achieve results that we could never achieve with even the most strenuous workouts. During a treatment, muscles are put through cycles of graduated intensity that exercise cannot match. MMS treatments may be used by those with conditions that limit vigorous exercise, such as chronic back pain. MMS will compliment the results of your gym fitness program, taking your workouts to the next level.

MMS or CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting targets and freezes fat cells in the treatment area. MMS is different as it works on the underlying muscle. The two actually go very well together as it’s two ways to work the same area.

Treatment & Recovery Time

We recommend an initial series of 8 easy 30 minute treatments. They can be done 2 to 3 per week a week with 1 follow up treatment every 4 to 12 weeks.

Recovery time is pretty much nonexistent. Go out and play tennis right when you leave!

From Our Clients…

I got great results with CoolSculpting. MMS helped my abs and butt look more defined. I can’t wait to get my next treatment.

– Jennifer P. 

Who is MMS Best For?

Women and men who want to have a more toned and defined appearance. If you’ve had CoolSculpting, you were targeting the fat and now you can target the muscle underneath. MMS is an easy way to get more out of the work you’re already doing – workouts, the gym, eating right – MMS makes all of that more effective.

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