A New Study on a Safer Younger You

According to a new JAMA Dermatology study,
nonsurgical, minimally invasive cosmetic treatments such as Botox,
dermal fillers, and laser produce low adverse side effects and are
considered very safe. [Source: NationalLaserInstitute.com]

Eight dermatology centers across the United
States participated in this study. Twenty-three dermatologists used
laser and other light-based/energy treatments, cosmetic injectables
(neurotoxins and soft-tissue fillers), totaling 20,399 nonsurgical
cosmetic treatments. Data was collected over a period of three months.

1 in 3,000 Botox cases produced minor adverse side effects. When
treated with dermal fillers, about 1 in 135 people experienced low risk
side effects from the injections.

As a result, no serious adverse
effects were reported. Out of the approximate 20,000 recorded services
performed, only 48 experienced these minor adverse effects. This is a
mere 1% who experienced very minor complications of either bruising,
swelling, bumps, or redness at the site. The conclusion was that, when
performed by trained
and certified medical professional experts, these noninvasive cosmetic
treatments are very low risk and safe to receive.

like National Laser Institute, the leading medical esthetic school in
the nation, train medical professionals on how to safely perform these
cosmetic injectable and laser treatments while following all the proper

“We place a huge emphasis on safety,” Louis Silberman, President and CEO of National Laser Institute says. “Cosmetic medicine has grown significantly throughout the years. It’s an exciting time to receive training.”

the last decade, National Laser Institute has certified countless
doctors, nurses, physicians, and other medical professionals so that
they can safely perform treatments like Botox, dermal fillers, and
laser. Courses include hands-on clinical training under instructor
supervision so that attendees can gain first hand experience
administering these treatments to clients.

Silberman says National
Laser Institute is extremely busy year round training medical
professionals who are interested in offering these services to clients.
Currently, the medical esthetics industry is a 10 billion dollar
marketplace. In the last year, there were over 6 million Botox
treatments performed in the United States alone. Dermal filler and
cosmetic laser treatments are also two more of the top noninvasive
treatments performed in America, according to the ASAPS.

people want these noninvasive anti-aging treatments because of the low
risks,” Silberman says. “When you’re receiving plastic surgery, that’s
way riskier. You’re going under the knife, and you’re going to
experience a lot of downtime.”