Botox may be the most popular procedure…but sometimes it’s a secret!

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) Botox may be the most popular “secret”, find out why.  Original article here>

The powers of Botox are well-known, but some of its biggest proponents may not be. While there’s no shame in getting the injections to help treat wrinkles around the eyes, forehead or mouth, some patients may not want anyone knowing that they are seeking a plastic surgeon’s assistance to keep up their good looks, according to The Independent.

“Husbands don’t know their wives are getting it!” one physician tells the news source about Botox injections. “Because of this, our address is not listed on our website and there are no signs on the building – it’s nameless, faceless.”

She also says that her clinic works to make sure patients’ appointments don’t overlap, and the waiting rooms are divided into individual suites, so patients don’t encounter one another one coming in for injections. This is in part because they treat some high-profile clients like celebrities and VIPs, she explains to the news outlet.

Despite the secrecy, the number of people seeking out Botox injections and other noninvasive cosmetics like dermal fillers is on the rise. The doctor says her clinic is limited only to these types of treatments, since Botox’s popularity shows no sign of slowing.

One reason it’s so easy to keep Botox a secret, even from loved ones, is because the injections have very few side effects, can be done in quick outpatient sessions and create a brightened, refreshed look. The secret is to have a qualified physician injecting and following the “less is more” philosophy. “Don’t freeze faces, relax them – and above all, be safe,” advises the physician in the article.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, injectables also have a minimal recovery time and are much more affordable than more invasive treatments like a facelift, making them a popular option for many.