Juvederm Voluma a Top Skin Innovation of 2014

Here’s a snippet from Yahoo’s post on the top skin care trends of 2014. What made the list? Juvederm Voluma, of course.

One could argue that 2014 was the year of coconut oil. We used it for
everything from cleaning our mouths out (well, I didn’t —yuck) to
slathering it on our faces. But many more decidedly high-tech skin
products launched in 2014. From a truly cool under-eye bag treatment to a
now-popular Korean import, here are the five most newsworthy skin care
moments from the past year:

A more flexible filler:

Facial fillers have been
around for years, but dermatologists were really excited when Juvederm
Voluma XC launched. The filler technically gained FDA approval at the
end of 2013, but has been making the rounds in a big way and gaining
kudos from dermatologists this year. The filler is hyaluronic acid-based
like many older fillers, but this one can last up to two years, nearly
twice as long as its predecessors. Additionally, because of the physical
qualities of Voluma, dermatologists can use it for sculpting and
lifting because it’s so malleable and easy to work with.