Michelle Pfeiffer’s face – Fake or flawless?

Actress Michelle Pfeiffer says she’s OK with plastic surgery, as long as you don’t get carried away.

She recently told Elle magazine:

    “I’m all for a little something here and there — fine. It doesn’t matter to me if people have plastic surgery or they don’t, or if they do Botox.   But when people don’t look like themselves anymore, that’s when you kind of go, ‘Oooh,’ and it’s kind of sad. It’s uncomfortable for us, but if they’re happy with what they see in the mirror, does it matter?”

So does that sound like someone contemplating a sip or two from the fountain of youth? Or someone who’s already poured themselves a nice tall drink?

Four years ago, Pfeiffer said she was open to having some work done, but not ready to go for it.

But at the time, a beauty website called her statements into question.  Read Article >

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