Botox Parties

We really believe in the power of skincare and how it can enhance the lives of our clients.

Botox Parties

Picture this – you and your friends, sitting around, laughing, noshing on treats, and sipping champagne. At the same time, everyone is getting rid of those wrinkles and smile lines and adding a little fullness to their lips.

That’s a Botox party! (and it’s so much more than Botox – it’s all fillers and injectables.)

The best part? As the host you get free product!

All Botox parties include:

  • Champagne and snacks
  • Special Botox and filler pricing for all attendees
  • Hostess receives complimentary Botox treatment

It’s perfect for any occasion! You bring the friends, we bring the Botox and fillers. If you want free Botox and a good time, fill out the form below and someone will be in touch.

Botox Parties at Radiance