Events and Parties

We really believe in the power of skincare and how it can enhance the lives of our clients. Below are two opportunities to have fun and learn about the latest treatments and procedures.

Botox Parties

Picture this – you and your friends, sitting around, laughing, noshing on treats, and sipping champagne. At the same time, everyone is getting rid of those wrinkles and smile lines and adding a little fullness to their lips.

That’s a Botox party! (and it’s so much more than Botox – it’s all fillers and injectables.)

The best part? As the host you get free product!

All Botox parties include:

  • Champagne and snacks
  • Special Botox and filler pricing for all attendees
  • Hostess receives complimentary Botox treatment

It’s perfect for any occasion! You bring the friends, we bring the Botox and fillers. If you want free Botox and a good time, fill out the form below and someone will be in touch.

Botox Parties at Radiance

Lunch and Learns

Learn at Radinace

Have you ever wanted to see a live demonstration of CoolSculpting, fillers for the lips and under eyes, and much more? Join us for one of our monthly Lunch and Learn gatherings and see first hand the latest techniques being used to help slow down aging.

Every month we host a Lunch and Learn and provide lunch, along with live demonstrations and special event only pricing. Each attendee also receives a goodie bag with fun prizes. Spots are limited to 7 people per month so email our events coordinator to get signed up for the next Lunch & Learn at Radiance!

Upcoming Events

April 23, 2020 – We’ll have a live demonstration for CoolSculpting and answer all your questions.