Just Medical-Grade Skincare

We only use medical grade skincare products for our treatments. It gives the best results by delivering quality ingredients where it needs to be – deep in your skin. But what does medical grade mean and why should you care? See below for how you can get a 30-day skincare regimen for free.

What does “medical grade” actually mean?

First, it’s about quality ingredients. They are designed to work better to deliver the more of their active ingredients deeper into the skin. Second, the concentration of active ingredients is generally greater than what you can find over the counter. They have been tested to be effective on the skin, giving better results.

Why use medical grade skincare at home?

It’s pretty straightforward. You went to a medical spa like Radiance and got a fantastic treatment designed to solve your specific problem. Why would you not use some of the same products at home to maintain the results and keep the improvements going? It would be like having your car waxed then taking it through mud puddles.

But do they really better?

The answer is a lot. One of our clients came to us asking for help with sun damage on her face. We built a regimen for her to use at home and the results are astounding.

Medical Grade Skincare Products at Home


Medical Grade Skincare Products at Home


This was done at home with no other procedures. As you can see, the products work.

Get 30 Days of Skincare Free

This month, we’re giving away a 30 day starter kit from ZO Skin Health, our newest line of medical grade skincare. Just come in for a free 30 minute skin consultation and tell us your problems. Wrinkles, sun damage, fat, loose skin, hyperpigmentation – whatever it is, we can work out a plan to help. No obligation and no pressure – we hate that stuff too.

Winter is Coming

The holidays will be here before you know it. We want to help you look your best, and your skin needs time for the changes to take effect. Contact us today or call us at 770.435.7700 to reserve your spot on our consultation schedule so you can look great for whatever the end of year holidays hold in store.