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Dark circles around the eyes got you down?

Are your dark circles one of the first things you notice when you look in the mirror. Has anyone ever asked you if you are feeling ok because they noticed you looked tired? That used to happen to me on the weekly.

Have you thought about getting under eye filler for a fresher appearance?

Usually dark circles are genetic and made worse by lack of sleep. It just seemed no matter how much sleep I got they always looked terrible. As soon as I heard about filler for tear troughs/ dark circles I started getting it done and I’ll be honest – it’s been life changing. I look better and I’m not self conscious anymore.

10 years ago when I started getting filler, we used just a simple needle to inject the filler. Now, our injector Natalie (the best injector I’ve ever met, by the way) is an expert in injecting fillers with a cannula.

Bruising with fillers can happen because the sharp point of the needle breaks capillaries while it’s injecting the filler, causing bruising. The cannula has a rounded tip so it moves capillaries aside, causing less damage and bruising.

Check out my pictures below of 1 day post with no cannula and 1 day post with cannula.

The picture on the left is injection with a needle. The right is when using a cannula. No more black eyes for a week while I healed!

Everyone is different, but most hyaluronic fillers last between 6 and 9 months. For me, I’ve noticed tear troughs last longer.

If you have been thinking about it, there is no better time. All fillers are discounted in February! Link to specials. Now is the time to schedule your consultation with Natalie. She’s got 13 years of experience injecting so she can definitely answer any questions and develop a plan to help you look fantastic.

P.S. If you’re at all concerned about pain, we now have Pro-Nox (basically, laughing gas.) I personally use it while getting any kind of injection and the whole thing just goes much easier!