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Your products are causing your acne

Acne sucks. It’s one thing to get it as a teenager, but it’s something totally different to get as an adult. And the cosmetic industry knows this, but also doesn’t do us any favors.

The FDA doesn’t regulate the term “non-pore clogging”, so manufacturers can put it on anything, even knowing good and well that the ingredients used will clog pores. Luckily, the FDA does make them disclose ingredients, but knowing what is good and what isn’t is still an uphill battle.

Amber’s Acne Journey


Hello, I’m Amber, I’ve been a licensed aesthetician for over 20 years and am the owner of Radiance Medspa Atlanta. For me, every ingredient matters and starting from my old days working at MAC, Aveda and Bare Escentuals, I always read the labels. My personal skincare struggle has been with oily, acne prone skin. However, a few years ago, it got really bad, so I dug deep and went down the rabbit hole to figure out why.

I started combing through every ingredient of every product I put on my face. What I found is that even though it might say non-pore clogging (non-comedogenic is the technical term), I can’t take that at face value.

I know a lot of people are also on this struggle bus, so I wanted to create a list for all of us to pull from so we can choose products that have a lot less chance of f*ing up our skin!

Now you can get the list too.

Products That Won’t Clog Pores - Really.

Amber has started to catalog and assemble a list of products that do not contain ingredients that clog pores. These products are widely available, not just at Radiance, but also places like Sephora, Ulta and more. We want skincare to be accessible.

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