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Kissable Lips with these 5 Tips

Kissable lips are among the long list of beauty desires all women want. And it’s no secret that plump lips are synonymous with kissable. But, as we age, lines can start to form that make our once plump lips look flat. Luckily, there are things we can do to both prevent and repair those lines! Originally posted on, here are five things you can do to get kissable lips.

Everyone likes to pucker up from time to time, but that pursing
motion-along with aging, collagen and elastin loss-can cause those tiny
vertical lines to develop across the top of your upper lip. Not only do
these lines make you look older, but they also cause your lipstick to
bleed beyond your lips. However, you can keep these fine lines at bay or
diminish them if they’ve started to appear. Here’s how:

Stop smoking: The continual pursing of your lips, along
with the cellular damage smoking causes, will break down the collagen
that keeps your lips looking soft and supple.

Moisturize and exfoliate: The sun and other
environmental elements will cause your lips to dry out, so be sure to
use a lip balm regularly that includes ingredients like honey or
hyaluronic acid. You’ll also want to slough away dry skin with a gentle
lip exfoliator once a week.

Go for nudes: If you like a glossy finish to your lips,
choose nude shades that complement your skin tone, since darker tones
are more apt to emphasize the lines. Play up your eye makeup, instead.

Resurface the skin: You can target those tiny lines with
fractional lasers, dermabrasion or chemical peels in various strengths,
depending on how pronounced your lines have become. Pigmentation
changes may be an issue for the sensitive skin around your lips after a
laser or peel treatment, so be sure to discuss this with your

Fill in lines: Fillers injected, like Juvederm, into the lips must be
done with the utmost care to avoid overly filled or “duck” lips. Be sure
to seek out a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who has
extensive experience in filling lips so that you can smooth the lines
and achieve a natural look for your lips. Your physician may also
suggest a small injection of a neurotoxin such as Botox, or Dysport to
lessen the muscle movement that can cause the lines to form.

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