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Lush Lashes Four Different Ways. Including Latisse!

We all love our lashes, and we would love them even more if they were fuller and longer; long, voluminous lashes are the ultimate sign of femininity. Lashes add definition to the eye and camouflaging the signs of aging. Time alone causes the lashes to appear thin and short, but you can make a statement with these lust-worthy lash treatments, tools and techniques. Original article on lashes from

Go Faux

Try false lashe—but choose wisely. Lashes that are too heavy can look unnatural. One to try: Winks by Georgie L’Avant-Gardiste Lash Compact ($28) comes with easy-to-apply and reusable lashes. The mirror in the compact really lets you see the lash line up close so that you can apply them perfectly every time.

Line the Lashes
A thin swipe of black eyeliner smudged at the lash line is an easy way to accentuate the eyelashes. Try a waterproof pencil like Anastasia Beverly Hills Covet Waterproof Eyeliner ($19) for some long-lasting staying power. Follow with your favorite mascara.

Double Thickness

A celebrity favorite, lash extensions are a good option for instantly thicker and longer lashes for an extended period of time.

Long-Lasting Length

For patients dissatisfied with the length, darkness or thickness of their eyelashes, surgical and nonsurgical treatments are available. According to Beverly Hills, CA, hair restoration surgeon Dr. Craig L. Ziering, the FDA-approved, prescription strength medication Latisse can enhance sparse eyelashes. For more of a permanent change, eyelash transplant surgery can be performed, which restores the actual eyelash hair. But Dr. Ziering says the four-hour long outpatient procedure, which can only be done on the upper lids, won’t give the fullness that false eyelashes provide. “Growth of new lashes can be seen after two months but the final result may take one year since all the grafts have to mature. These newly grafted eyelashes require monthly maintenance like trimming, curling and tinting,” says Dr. Ziering.

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