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The Benefits of an IPL Photofacial

Intense pulsed light (IPL) Photofacials utilize a laser that targets redness, brown
spots, broken capillaries and uneven skin tone. It takes a series of about four
treatments to achieve maximum results, but Photofacials offer major improvement
to skin’s tone and texture, creating an even, smooth surface. These treatments
have also gained much acclaim for their benefits to sufferers of rosacea because
IPL specifically targets redness and broken capillaries. As a bonus, people typically
experience decreased pore size and fewer breakouts after undergoing a series of IPL

With these treatments, you will feel little if any discomfort – many people
compare it to snapping a rubber band on the skin. Afterwards, there is virtually
no downtime, although the skin may temporarily appear flushed and brown spots
typically get darker before eventually flaking off. Makeup may be worn right away if
needed to cover up any of these temporary conditions.

You might be wondering if IPL can be used on other parts of the body in addition
to the face, and the answer is: definitely! IPL is often used to renew the skin on the
chest (decolletage), hands, legs, arms and back.