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The Surprising Thing That May Be Aging You

When it comes to maintaining a youthful appearance, addressing common signs of aging like lines and wrinkles with the right skin-care and procedures is a given. But one thing that isn’t so common (and can really give away your age) is your earlobes.

The hands of time, as well as wearing heavy earrings, can take a toll
on your ears, resulting in flabby and sagging lobes. However, you don’t
have to give up wearing your favorite fashion accessories. Here are two
ways you can keep your ears looking young and firm. [Source:]

Easy In-Office Procedures
One easy fix is using injectable fillers to plump up your earlobes. West Palm Beach, FL, dermatologist Kenneth R. Beer, MD,
uses Restylane or Juvéderm on patients whose ears need a little
firming. Using a laser to polish the skin’s surface is another way his
patients can get younger-looking ears. If they need a little more help, a
Lobe Lift may be the answer. “This is a relatively easy procedure that
cuts out the extra skin,” Dr. Beer explains. “It can be performed with
local anesthetic in the office. Fortunately, this is not a frequent
event and the vast majority of people are thrilled after getting filled
and/or lasered.”

Take Preventive Measures
If sagging earlobes aren’t a major problem just yet, taking preventive measures can keep it that way. Leavears,
a specialized earring back makes wearing earrings a lot more
comfortable (and more forgiving on your earlobes). The product works by
leveraging the part of the ear above the pierced hole so that the weight
of your earring is evenly distributed so they’re upright instead of
stretching the earlobe.