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What You Need to Know Before Getting Injectables for the First Time

In the quest for smoother and younger-looking skin, getting
cosmetic injections has become a very popular option. “Many people opt
for this type of treatment because it’s quick, easy and effective,” says
Edgewater, MD, dermatologist Sanjiv Saini, MD. If you’re looking to get injectables for the first time, here are five things to keep in mind before you go.[Source:]

Know Which One Is Right For You
Different types of injectables and fillers address different concerns and therefore yield different types of results. Botox injections are great for addressing wrinkles,
crow’s-feet and frown lines by blocking the nerve preceptors that cause
those signs of aging to form. Hyaluronic acid fillers help restore
moisture and plumpness to aging skin, while gels like Juvéderm get rid
of those lines around your nose and mouth.

Choose the right doctor
Once you decide which
injectable is right for you, the next step is to find the right doctor
to do your procedure. Besides looking at whether a doctor is certified,
you also need to make sure they have experience and a good track record
with patients (take a look at their before-and-after photos and testimonials), and can give you a realistic assessment of how effective the treatment will be.

Injectables Aren’t a One-Time Treatment
As much
as we would like to have the effects of one treatment forever, it will
eventually wear off. Depending on what type of filler you use, it may
last anywhere from four months to three years. That’s why it’s important
to plan on going back to your doctor for another treatment to keep up
that youthful appearance.

Follow the Doctor’s Orders
To get the most out of
your experience with injectables, be sure to follow your doctor’s
instructions for before and after the procedure. Things like not taking
aspirin a few days before the procedure and not rubbing or scratching
the treated areas can make all the difference between a great and
not-so-great anti-aging treatment. 

Don’t Plan Big Events
Because you may experience
some swelling and bruising immediately following your procedure, it’s
not a great idea to schedule any big events around your appointment.
Allow yourself a week or two to fully recover, as well as let your
filler fully set in.