Cosmelan Peels

Cosmelan is the leading treatment to lighten dark spots and treat Melasma

What is melasma and why does Cosmelan work?

Fractional laser treatments, also called fractionated laser, are the newest form of laser skin rejuvenation. Utilizing advanced laser technology, it is the treatment of choice for stretch marks. Fractional skin resurfacing has revolutionized the treatment of stretch marks.

Who is a good candidate for Cosmelan?

The Cosmelan peel is compatible with all skin types and colors and can be used year round because of its very high safety margin. This peel has also proven to be highly effective in treating acne ravaged skin.

The Cosmelan peel comes in two strength, the regular strength does not contain hydroquinone, TCA or AHA.

The Cosmelan MD does contain hydorquinone as well as retnoic acid, thus giving you quicker results.

Our Clients Say…

” This is a wonderful find in Vinings (saves the trip in to Buckhead!) The facials are so relaxing and effective and Amber really knows her stuff when it comes to Botox.
The things I most appreciate about this spa is the cleanliness, professionalism and there is no pressure to buy the products (but you want to after you see how effective they can be.)” 
HeatherFacials - Botox
“I have been seeing Dipsy for years. She’s a gem. She doesn’t push products. Recommends what she thinks I need. Stays cognizant of my budget.
I drive all the way from Alpharetta to see her on a regular basis and will continue to do so.”
Kisha MFacials - Botox
Just had an amazing massage from Anita!
One of the best I’ve ever had.
Cannot recommend her enough!
Megan HMassage
Finally! A destination that is on par with my beloved LA spot for injections. I’ll fess up: I have a specific problem area that I dutifully attend to and Dysport is my preference.

I’m still amazed at how smooth the process was. I was able to set up an appointment that accomodated my schedule and Dipsy promptly saw me at my time (not 30+ minutes later). She was professional, friendly and delivered the results I have been seeking! She listened to me and administered the unit# that fit my needs.

Paperwork included, I was in and out in less than 30 mins. This was appreciated because I was on my lunch break. I even had time to grab a coffee after leaving. 

I have had some poor/over priced experiences since moving back, with less than satisfactory results. Radiance has broken this cycle. 

Not to mention, the ambiance is very relaxing. After all, it is a spa, not a clinic or office. No crammed waiting room and frazzled receptionists. 

Breath of fresh air!

Michelle ABotox
I love Radiance Medspa. The zen atmosphere and ambiance of the place is amazing. When you go back, everything is dark and lit by candles and I love that kind of atmosphere! Everyone is very kind and accommodating.
I’ve actually been going there since right after it opened because I’ve lived in Vinings for eight years now.
Amber is my esthetician, and we have spent many years catching up and getting to know each other. I only get waxing there, and I’ve had a facial or two, but I really love going.
The prices are very reasonable for the area, and it’s literally down the street from my house. I’ll continue going there as they do a great job and are awesome all around. Just being in there can lower your blood pressure by ten points!
Anne-Maria WPhotofacial, Massage, Botox

Love Radiance. I have been coming to Radiance for years for this and that and they are the best. Always accomodating schedule-wise and are terrific with their promotions.

Even though it is tucked away behind a gas station in a strip mall, once you get past the front doors, you will be taken back into their oasis of an office and asked if you’d like tea or water.

April is amazing and so kind and professional. She is like that sister you always hoped would get a nursing degree and go work at a Med Spa so you could benefit. Anyhow, if you need a facial or whatever, you won’t be disappointed.

Kathryn KFacial, Massage

What causes dark spots on skin?

Melanin is the pigment that gives skin its color – from pale to tan to dark black – and supplies the skin’s internal UV protection. Under normal circumstances, melanin is evenly distributed and invisible.

But when skin undergoes repeated external stresses, especially UV rays, or is exposed to internal disruptions (such as hormonal shifts like those experienced during pregnancy) it produces more melanin than it needs.

The result is uneven skin tone, blotchiness, dark patches and discolorations. Over time, this melanin accumulation becomes more visible as cell turnover slows down and skin loses its ability to shed dull layers at a youthful rate.

Treatment Details

The Cosmelan depigmentation treatment is executed in 2 phases: the first phase consists of the application of Cosmelan I, a mask which you wear home and keep on from 4 to 8 hours, depending on your skin type as determined by the aesthetician.

At the indicated time, the mask is washed off with water and a pH neutral cleanser.

The second treatment phase consists of daily application of a maintenance cream called Cosmelan 2, containing botanical acids that support the depigmentation achieved. Initially after the procedure, you may experience different sensations, varying from warm flushing to slight itching.

The exfoliation process may be less noticeable until the 2nd through 5th day following the procedure, when you may notice mild peeling, itching or skin tightness.

To maintain satisfactory results, a sunblock of 40 SPF or greater must be worn at all times following treatment.


AMBER TO ADD SOMETHING LIKE: Results can trypically be seen within XXX days/weeks and continue to improve over the coming MONTHS?

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