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Why we started Radiance Rewards

Starting a skincare membership program, for me, was really about making it simple for our clients to maintain their best skin care routines and rewarding them while they do it. I really do believe in the work we do here and this was a way to make it easier and more available to everyone. Subscriptions seem to be everywhere, and with good reason. They let people add something to their life, be it food delivery, razors, you name it. The list of available subscriptions seems to be growing everyday. That’s why we started it – it makes it easier to get what our clients are already doing.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read more about it here. In essence, your $100 monthly membership gets you $120 in spa credit every month, which rolls from month to month if it’s not used and never expires.

When thinking about a membership program, we wanted to provide extra value (and some good perks) for our best clients. We didn’t want to do the normal “use it or lose it” program that 99% of businesses who offer memberships do. We want our clients to be able to use their accumulated points towards any service or product whenever they want. You can use your membership for a facial, massage, or even a microneedling treatment every month or choose to save your points for Botox, filler or CoolSculpting. Many of our clients also use the points to purchase Latisse or our skin care products.

We started Radiance Rewards for our clients to get more from their self-care routines. I hope you’ll become a member soon.