Radiance Rewards

The spa is your favorite escape, and now you can enjoy exclusive gifts and offers by joining Radiance Rewards membership program. We promise it’s the best excuse to slip more Radiance into your life!

Do you want more reasons to go to the spa? We started Radiance Rewards for those who want to get more for what they’re already spending.

Experience more moments of self-care, deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and Radiance by becoming a member today.

With your membership, you’ll earn spa points every month and those points can be used on any product or service.  It’s easy to join and easy to use, and points never expire.

Radiance Rewards Memberhip Benefits

Earn Spa Points

Earn 120 points per month to use towards all products and services we offer

Member Only Events

As a member, you’ll get invitations to have access to exclusive members-only events

Special Pricing

Special pricing on products and services at private-access events

Membership is $100 per month and that gets you 120 spa points, so it’s like you’re getting $20 free each month plus all the additional perks.

Points never expire and can be used towards purchases and discounts, and you can use your points when purchasing series and getting pre-book pricing.